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Live Project Experience

Stipend (₹4000 PM)

Experience Certificate

Recruitment Opportunity

Internship Overview

We do not provide Training.
We Provide Experience.

Vegam Soft Solutions proudly presents Internship programs covering 3 roles viz.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Business Analyst

Who is this for?

  • Those who are aspiring to be a Web Designer, Web Developer or Business Analyst.
  • Those who are trying to shed their freshers tag and enhance employment prospects.
  • Those who are looking to gain live project experience to kick start their career in web designing.
  • Those who are NOT interested or believe in typical academic training courses.
  • Those who think that typical training courses are waste of money.
  • Those who knows that the typical training courses are just about teaching the theory rather than providing real project experience.

What is offered through our Internship Program?

Live project experience

within Vegam Soft delivery

Salary (Stipend) ₹4000 Per Month

during the 6 Months internship

Experience Certificate

covering the entire internship

Recruitment opportunity

within Vegam Soft Solutions

We understand that typical web design training courses offer only theoretical knowledge. As there are no real project environment and the exposure, your money and time is wasted in to another class room teaching.

Vegam Soft Solutions approaches this differently. We provide the real experience you are looking for. We do not train you, we make you part of our development environment and provide real development experience. We strongly believe that only the real time live projects coupled with theoretical knowledge can give you the experience you need to move in to the web design career decisively.

Internship Program Approach

Fees and Stipends

Monthly Stipend

₹4000 Per Month (CTC Basis)


₹1,00,000 + Tax

Terms of the Internship Program

Internship program capacity is limited to 10 interns only. (4 Developers, 4 Designers & 2 Business Analysts)

VSS will conduct a selection / guidance interview to help candidate to decide suitable role. Contact VSS HR for details of the slot.

ased on the selection process outcome candidates will be registered in to the program for appropriate role.

Once the internship fee is paid, an internship joining letter will be provided by HR.

The Internship program is 6 months long. This includes 2 months of technological introduction and practical scenario based excercise and 4 months of live project delivery participation.

Interns are expected to work from:

  • Monday to Friday (Work time 9:00AM - 6:00PM) during the first 2 months (Saturday is optional).
  • Monday to Saturday (Work time 9:00AM - 6:00PM) during the rest of the internship period.

All VSS permanent staff policies are applicable to Interns unless stated otherwise.

Entire Internship programs are built around the Web development environment / practices with in Vegam Soft Solutions.

Live project allocation will be purely based on the VSS decision only.

Interns are expected to show allmost sincerity in the project delivery as the client delivery cannot be compromised from Time & Quality point of view.

The level of involvement with in live project will be gradually increased based on the VSS project delivery lead's decision and Intern's ability to learn & contribute.

Number of live projects may depend on the scope of the project i.e size and complexity.

It is not possible to predict the number of projects an intern can work during the internship period.

There will be monthly review / feedback session to give you a high level expectations & progress. This will be mostly informal in nature to keep it simple.

Monthly review will be based on the following factors:

  • Professional Attitude.
  • Punctuality.
  • Attendance.
  • Interest to learn.
  • Progress on the expected learnings.
  • Team work
  • General Observations from Team Leads.

At the end of the program, every candidate will be provided with

  • An evaluation report.
  • Experience certificate from Vegam Soft Solutions.
  • Vegam Soft Employment Offer letter, if the candidate clears all expectations of the company.

Interns will have every right to accept / reject the offer.

Candidates who accepts the offer will be formally inducted into the company as permanent staff.

No refund will be provided on the fee paid on any scenario.

If the candidate decides to leave the program before completion, candidate will be offered experience certificate until the date he worked with in the program.

Candidate is expected to provide one week notice to complete the formal relieving process, if he decides to quit the program.

Less than one week notice may impact the pro-rata stipend for the month.

Internship Extension

  • Intern should have completed the Internship program in good terms.
  • Candidate should apply for the extension program formally.
  • VSS team will review and provide approval for the extension based on the performance of the candidate throughout the Internship program. VSS decision is final.
  • Once the request is accepted, formal extension will be initiated by HR.
  • This extension is only for 6 months.
  • Interns will be working on live projects through out the extension period.
  • All Internship general policies are applicable.
  • Salary (Stipend) : ₹ 7000 Per Month on CTC basis.
  • Fees: ₹100,000 + Tax.