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Eli’s Cafe
Project Description

NILSEN ELI’S CAFE is a newly opened cafe in Hovfaret from Engebrets Road. WE OFFER GOOD FOOD AND DRINK, IN VERY PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE.

Eli’s cafe that has become a social gathering place, and that not only focuses on coffee and accessories, and that do not close when the regular workday is over. It’s so important for people in the community to avoid having to take Tuss, tram or taxi to meet at a cafe or a pub. Previously cafe offer of Hoff most a lunch and dinner specials, and it was also created to satisfy those who work in the district. Now offer extended with hours from eight in the morning till 21 at night. Licensing is arranged, and there have been a number of evenings with live jazz at the little cafe. Stam Customers are very pleased with both the meeting place, with the holders and with food.


Used Visual composer for page builder. Open Table Widget can integrate site with Open Table’s website. Included custom widgets for contact details, opening times and latest receipes.

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Client / CompanySieva Savko,

Vegam Soft Solutions