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  • We at Vegam Soft Solutions have a clear refunds and cancellation policy to give more clarity to our customers in processing the refunds and cancellations requests in the case of unexpected circumstances.
  • If a customer likes to get his/her money back after successfully processing the payment to VSS, he/she needs to send an email request to VSS team at  requesting the same with reasons. Before raising the refund request the customer needs to discuss the request with the Account Manager or the project team lead. If the project team could not meet the expectations even after reasonable discussions, then only the customer needs to raise the request to finance team as an escalation.
  • The team will take the request and respond back to the customer within 2 working days. If the request is found to be valid, VSS will initiate the refund process within 5 working days from the day of the refund request was responded back.
  • If a refund is on a duplicate payment, it will be considered a valid request and considered immediately. The duplicate payments will be first adjusted with any payments due for previous milestones. If there are any further payments due, then it will be adjusted with the future invoices after agreeing with the customer. If the customer prefers to get it refunded partially or fully, we will refund the duplicate payment appropriately.
  • If the refund is requested on the grounds of technical difficulties of the payment gateway or any request for the reasons out side Vegam Soft’s responsibility area, the case will be analyzed by our technical team. If it is found valid, and the payment received in our accounts in error, refund will be initiated within 2 working days.
  • Payment refund request for the following reasons are not encouraged as these factors :
    • Agreed deliverables are delivered partially or fully. But customer realize that he does not need them any more. If the delivery is made only partially, we will refund only the remaining amount deducting the efforts involved in completing the partial work.
    • Customer made payments through online but was not received by VSS in its bank accounts.
    • Customer sent DD/MO but it was not received and cleared at VSS side.
    • Customer has decided to develop the site with some other vendor as they are located at close proximity or other reason.
    • Refunds cannot be made if the website is not generating revenue as expected. This is out side our scope of work.

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