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If you are searching for a top web design firm to create an excellent website at an affordable price for your business or organization, then you are in the right place. We wanted to ensure that even customers with limited budget should be given a fair chance to make use of the internet charm. Here are the key things we offer as part of our packages:

No matter the size of your company, if you wish to compete in today’s marketplace or make a difference in the world, an exceptional website is essential. Whether it is business or personal, your web site is the first point of contact with your potential audience and it plays key role in online branding. The overall design of a website is one of the first things that are noticed by visitors and create a considerable impact on the first impression of the viewer. Getting it right is the key in order to attract new customers and bring them back again.

Here are the key features that we offer as part of our web design packages:

Responsive Design:

The days of viewing the website from desktops or laptop alone has gone. In a world filled with Smartphones, Netbooks, Tablets, and ever-changing technologies, Vegamsoft will create responsive website interfaces with easy navigation to cover wide variety of screen sizes. This is where responsive design comes into picture. Responsive Web Design is a specific approach to web development that focuses on crafting sites across a wide range of media devices.

Easy to use Content Management System(CMS):

Content Management Systems provide an opportunity for the user to edit content without having to know the complicated coding knowledge. We believe that you should be able to update your website quickly and intuitively without having pay for simple updates! Here is where the frameworks like WordPress will be handy. We can make the CMS based website design either from a template or a completely custom design. In most of the cases the CMS comes as a default without additional charge.

Cross Browser Compatibility:

The top 4 web browsers used to access internet cover over 97% internet user base, as per the statistics from Our design ensures that these top latest browser compatibility is tested for comfortable viewing experience.

Free Hosting:

We provide free shared hosting with all the web design packages taken from us. Check out the terms here: Vegam Soft Free Webhosting details.

Affordable Cost:

We are keen to offer competitive rate to get you online. Our graphical design packages are :
Wireframe / PSD Design : Just £20 / hour.
Logo / Icon / Vector Design : Just £20 / hour.
Commercials Package includes, Letterhead, Logo, Business card : From £1000.

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