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Vegam Soft is the first company to introduce a comprehensive Website Security Framework for WordPress based websites. Our security framework will improve the website against most of the security vulnerabilities and attacks that happens towards the WordPress websites.

We will perform a complete audit of your website and will provide a detailed report of your website before securing the website. Audit will give you a clear picture of the potential changes needed to secure your website along with potential time and cost needed.

WordPress Security Framework (VSS - WSF) Implementation
  • Complete Security Audit to identify the security improvements.
  • DDOS protection through CDN (Cloudflare) Implementation.
  • Brute force attack control through Challenge page, and blocking.
  • Excessive visit & login attempts.
  • Secure against Script / SQL injections.

VSS - WSF Implementation Package Price


WordPress Website Upgrades
  • Complete Security Audit to identify the security improvements.
  • Removal of unused plugins.
  • Controlled WordPress Framework Upgrade.
  • Controlled Theme & Plugin Upgrades.
  • Testing of the site for Cross browser compatibility.
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for an Audit Package Price

Price: Starts from £150

VSS-WSF Security Model

(Distributed Denial of Service)


e.g. Clouflare

  • Enable DDOS protection
  • Challenge page for added Protection
  • Enable SSL to encrypt the data communication

DDOS & Spam
Attacks Brute Force Attack

Wordpress / Woocommerce

  • Block if page view exceeds normal hits
  • Block 404 errors for more than normal
  • Block 404 for known vulnerable URLs
  • Block the violating IP for longertimer

Brute Force Attack, SQL Injection, Script Injection, Password compromise

Wordpress / Woocommerce

  • Lock out multiple login failures / Invalid Users
  • Manage 404 errors & Invalid link fetching
  • Hide WP Version
  • Disable XML - RPC
  • Firewall / Security plugins
  • Updated Themes / Plugins
  • Enforce Stronger Password

Server Level Bruteforce Attack, Browse Directory Exploit, Disclose Admin Info Through Search Index, Compromise htaccess & Config Files

Server level files /

  • Enable protection through .htaccess
  • Protect wp-confit.php
  • Diable directory browsing
  • Secure against script / SQL injection
  • Protect WP folders / wp-includes / , / wp-content /
  • Reqular server scans & back ups
  • Control Access using robots.txt

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