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Planesaver Credit Union – MOD
Cooperative Credit Union – United Kingdom
Project Description

Plane Saver Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, providing a range of savings and loan products for their members.
Owned and run by members, planesaver’s aim is to continually improve the financial well being of the people whom they serve.
Planesaver Founded in 1993, and is now one of the largest Credit Unions in the UK with over 9,500 members and having lent over £70million.

MOD was specially designed for people who to serve the Armed Forces and their family members


The site used following functionalites
1. Jquery for Loan calculation
2. Parallax scroll function to scroll directly to that section
3. Static Header design so that header remains static even user scrolls down
4. Responsive design

Theme & Plugins Used:

“Great to see the MOD Landing Page is live.
Appreciate all your work on this and how efficient you and your team have been throughout the process.”
– Rob Lovesey, Marketing Manager, Plane Saver Credit Union Ltd.

Project Details

Client / Company: Rob Lovesey / Planesaver Credit Union
Country: United Kingdom

Project Details
Client / CompanyRobert Lovesey , Planesaver Credit Union – MOD
CountryUnited kingdom

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