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Workforce group
HR & Recruitment Consultancy - Nigeria
Project Description

Workforce Group is a popular consulting firm in Nigeria. Workforce Group site was designed and built from scratch to suit the business expectation. Workforce Group site explains about the various brands in which Workforce Team is specialised in. It helps users to take online assessments and Download Brochures and also talks about entire consulting process which is solely maintained by Workforce Team.


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“I would like to state that your efforts on this project have been very much appreciated. We have come a long way since we started last year and I know we would not have gotten this far if not for the team’s dedication, even in the midst of sometimes difficult situations.

The launch of the Group portal shows that we can achieve what we set out to do (we’ve had great reviews so far) and we’re close to achieving the same with the Select portal. Please pass on the feedback to Ashwin and the rest of the team.”

-Peju Nkemneme, Head, Corporate Services, Workforce Group.

Project Details
Client / CompanyPeju Nkemneme, Workforce Group

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